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We are proud of our partnership we have made with Global-Pak; Global Pak has been servicing our company for over 18+ years with supporting us with Safe, Strong, & Quality packaging products. This includes, "on-time" packaging solutions at

competitive pricing.


In today's demanding markets, look to Global-Pak for your packaging need to give your company the advantage.-Ron A.

Dear Mr. Smith,

To whom it may concern. I have been working with John Smith at Global-Pak Inc. on our packaging to maximize profitability and keeping the supply chain moving. We have been working together to build a working relationship and along with supplying quality products has been a major help as our business grows. I am happy to say that the Global-Pak team has provided us with excellent service, integrity, and accuracy. I appreciate that you maintain stock levels to keep our packaging readily available, with competitive pricing. It is a pleasure doing business with Global-Pak, because of the dedicated team that I get to work with in filling my orders.- Mike A.

Our team has been working with Global Pak for a few years, and we have really enjoyed working with them. We have had the privilege to work with Kevin Gruelle at Global- Pak who is very responsive and willing to work with you. We needed to have Global- Pak hold some of our bags that we ordered through them and they were willing to work with us. We have been very happy with them and would recommend their services.- John N.

I am sending this letter as a referral letter for Global-Pak to use for potential business.

Our company has been doing business with Global-Pak going on 5 years now. In our experience, we have found Global-Pak to be a very honest and trustworthy company to do business with. The bulk bags that we purchase are of good quality, competitive price and are delivered as promised.

Customer Service for Global-Pak is a pleasure to work with and they make the ordering process seamless. Brady Webster is a pleasure to deal with and he is very responsive to our needs.

Overall, we value Global-Pak as a partner and look forward to continued business in the future.- Doug D.

Global-Pak has been quite the business partner for us for the past few years. They have been very responsive to our requests and the pricing in very competitive. Without a doubt I enjoy working with them on my projects. We have just finished another project and that will be the 3rd project completed in short amount of time. There are days where I wish I had more Global-Paks.

   So, to Global-Pak and its team all that you do is greatly appreciate it each and every bag we pull out with your name on it.-Roger M


Nate Gotschall at Global-Pak has been a supplier for our firm, for several years now. Throughout this time, he has worked with us to consolidate and improve our bulk bag specifications in order to minimize wastage and eliminate unnecessary cost. The amount of money Nate has saved us through his efforts is probably upwards of $100,000.                                                                                                                                  
Nate has always exceeded expectations when it comes to his excellent customer service skills and we know he will always deliver a great product at a competitive price, on time. We know that if there is ever a problem, he will be at our front door to investigate it and stand behind his product 100%. We know we can always count on Nate and the rest of his team at Global-Pak to come through, and they have become one of our best suppliers, hands down. I strongly recommend Nate as a supplier for your bulk bags. I am sure you will have the same great experience we have had with him.- Kriss G.

Global Pak Inc. is the major supplier of all our packaging needs. They were selected for the following reasons:

Quality of products
Competitive pricing
Products passed testing requirements
Stocking full range of standard and customized products
Weekly inventory conducted
Daily delivery if needed

Global Pak has consistently provided us with the best service and at the best prices. They go the extra mile to
supply us with what we need and when we need it. I know I can count on them to come through for us in a pinch- Chuck F.


Our firm has worked with Global-Pak since 2013 and I hope this working relationship continues for many years to come.

You and Global-Pak have provided quality service and products to our company. You are proactive as our representative. You have let us know when you could get us a better price and even reminded us when it was time to place our usual order so that we don't run out. Any of us that have called or emailed have always received a prompt reply.

We have never had a problem with the quality of the products we purchase. If we needed a different sized bag you were knowledgeable about your products and were able to provide us what we needed.

All of us are happy to recommend Global-Pak to any company
that needs quality made bulk bags, competitive pricing, and appreciates the best and friendliest quality service. - Cathy Z.

We have been business partners with Global-Pak for 15 plus years and we couldn’t be more pleased.  Frank P.

We have been doing business with Global-Pak for several years now. We have always received prompt and courteous service as well as competitive pricing. We look forward to working with them in the future. - Tami H.

Global-Pak is an awesome packaging supplier and they have provided our company with some of the best service in the industry. They have provided us with excellent service and at extremely competitive pricing. We use them for our specialty packaging needs and they do well making sure our needs are met.   I strongly recommend Global-Pak for anyone's packaging needs. They are a great company to work with and always go above and beyond.-Jim B.

Global-Pak is a highly responsive customer service oriented packaging company. Adam has consistently kept in contact to ensure our company’s  needs are met both in the quality of the bulk bags we have purchased as well as any future requirements we may have.

Recently, there was a change in regulations for the bags we use to ship our product, but we still had a large number of the old bags in inventory. Instead of automatically trying to get us to buy new bags which met the updated regulation, Adam worked hard to get our old bags re-certified under the new rule, which in turn saved us thousands of dollars. As a small business, we were very appreciative of his efforts.

Having worked with other bulk bag companies in the past, we are more than pleased with our relationship with Global-Pak and with Adam. We would recommend using Global-Pak for your bulk bag needs, as well. -David K.

Please treat this as a recommendation letter for my vendor. Global-Pak. Inc. As the General Plant Supervisor of a large chemical plant I know what a dependable vendor means. And all the qualities that a vendor must possess can be found in the operations of Global-Pak. Inc.We've been working with them since 2013 and there has not been a day when we had to complain about their professionalism They value both time and money and deliver the goods within the stipulated deadline. The same can be said about their pricing policy. They are extremely competitively priced, I am extremely satisfied with the way they conduct their business and hope that you have the same pleasant experience with them.-Amber C.
We have been doing business with Global-Pak for several years. They have always
been a very reliable company that will go the extra mile to service their customers. Their sales representatives visit our facility on a regular basis to ensure that our needs and requirements are met. They also follow up with scheduled deliveries to ensure the product is delivered on time and in good order.

They have consistently provided us with competitive pricing, and I have been extremely impressed with the quality and the accuracy of their products. We use several different sizes and specifications of bags and they always come through with the right products.

Working with Global-Pak has been a good experience for us and I would strongly recommend them to anyone interested in quality products, quality service and competitive pricing.-Joe H.


Global-Pak and our company  have built a very strong relationship; one that will last for many years to come.

Global Pak has responded to our needs admirably and provided competitive prices with superior service.

Global stocks our bags and delivers on an as needed basis and we have found Global Pak to be one of the most dependable vendors we work with.

In closing Nate as our salesman is the true professional - when Nate commits to a delivery date a price quote or bag improvement - he delivers.
We recommend Global Pak to any firm interested in quality products, quality service and competitive price. We recommend Global Pak to any company in need of bulk bag packaging. -Ed R.
I consider Global-Pak to be an integral vendor for our business and would highly recommend them to any company that has bulk packaging needs.- Anthony S.
Global-Pak is our largest supplier of packaging products used at our facilities. They provide an excellent service both on the products they supply and their customer service is one of the best in the industries. They stand behind every product and provide the highest quality product available in the industry.
In this ever changing and demanding industry, Global-Pak has always been able to provide outstanding service, pricing and products. They are always willing to search for products that our customers request and will go above and beyond the "call of duty".

When we call with last minute orders, they deliver to us the same day which allows us to deliver our customers products on time.
I would recommend Global-Pak to anyone who is in need of packaging supplies and guarantee you will be extremely satisfied with their products and service.- Doris T.
I have appreciated working with Global Pak on our Packaging needs. They have worked hard to give us excellent quality and great service. Their sales rep Adam has done a great job of answering questions and making sure that we have the recourses we need. Global Pak is very knowledgeable on FIBC bags and that has been a huge help to me as a buyer. I would recommend Global Pak as a company to fill your packaging needs. They have been a great company to do business with.- Ryan S.

*Full reference letter(s) available upon request.

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